Surfing for good

Come try out new boards at our monthly demo day sponsored by Rusty, Degree 33 & Sharpeye Surfboards. We will have 40 to 60 boards out for 3 different riding sessions get your tickets today.

Pro Lesson Session

Ever wanted to surf with Rob Machado, Derek Dunfee, Ryan Burch, or Kelly Slater! Get pointers from the legends and help us stop ocean pollution at the source!

Beach Cleanup Camping

Come join our camping trip and help us remove trash from the logger head turtles habitats. Help build a support system to stop the dumping of garbage in these critical beaches, mangroves, and reefs.

Stopping Ocean Pollution at the Source!

Ban Plastic Bags

We will stimulate the replacement of plastic bags with Avani's edible alternative by organizing community supported bans on the use of traditional plastic bags.

Trash Point Alpha

Increase waste management accountability in Baja California using GPS and cloud infrastructure to guarantee that the trash makes it to where it needs to go.

Educate the Youth

Reef Jam leverages a competitive experience to get kids more engage in ocean conservation. By requiring players to answer trivia with cited sources we are able to introduce simple topics and cutting edge research.

Beach Cleanup Battles

Come out and join us for a beach cleanup

  • Coming Soon
  • Unlock unique rewards at events
  • Multiplayer VS Mode
  • Trivia Nights

We will be hosting beach cleanups in San Diego and Baja California.

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